Storage Concepts was founded in 1990 by Scott Van Vuren.  While selling New equipment for another company in the industry,  Scott recognized a niche market in the material handling and warehouse equipment industry that was wide open.  Several companies are selling "New" equipment at "New" prices and several companies  are offering "Used As Is" equipment at a cost savings to the customer.  The area that was left wide open was the"Concept" of taking "Used" equipment and "Reconditioning" it  to look Near to "New" again and sell it at a price that is competitive to the Used pricing on the market.  Because the industry and economic times will only allow certain prices to be brought for this type of equipment,  the success behind this philosophy is buying the equipment at the correct price that will allow for reconditioning the equipment.  This philosophy will allow the customers to obtain excellent quality merchandise with an excellent appearance at a "Used" equipment price.  Although not all of our equipment may require being reconditioned, the keen eye of the founder and employees at Storage Concepts suited with the personal pride in ownership that is important to all of us, results in almost 100% of our shipments leaving satisfactory to our customers.  Scott's philosophy on this is "When our equipment is standing  next to a  competitor's  used equipment in a warehouse and you are purchasing this type of equipment what would you choose to purchase"  We usually win with our equipment every time, thus creating a gigantic satisfied return customer base.  Our favorite phrase we hear at Storage Concepts is when a customer says "This is Used Equipment?????

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